Modular webapps for e-management platforms

MicroFrontends are modular mini-applications that can be easily integrated into 3rd party web-applications.  This product line is dedicated to our partners, who are more involved in Operation & Maintenance of energy systems, especially in the context of energy management and IoT

Use cases

Energy and asset management for BMS

The hybrid nature of MicroFrontends allow fulfilling customer needs from different domains.

Best example of such complex environment are digital BMS systems, based on IoT, where needs from energy and TelCo sectors result in complex infrastructure.

energenious allow conventional TelCo businesses to bridge this gap, by packaging powerful energy analytics as single software modules, for easy integration in existing EIS and BMS platforms.

A marketplace model

MicroFrontends are developed and distributed by energenious as standalone UI-components (Javascript widgets). Those widgets are hosted on a dedicated CDN, which is responsible for managing the deployment, versioning, and access control to the different widget, when client requests occurs.

Users interact with our clients‘ platform, which then downloads and mounts the widgets at run-time. In this way new „vertical“ functionalities can be seamlessly provided to authorized end-users following a marketplace distribution model.

Powerful data visualization

MicroFrontends turn energenious‘ experience in research and energy analytics into usable and appealing UI for your end-customers.

One of the most requested applications for MicroFrontends is in the field of data-visualization, where domain knowledge and UX skills are needed.

Through MicroFrontends the business intelligence from our partners combines with our domain expertise, for very fast and customer-centric development of mini-applications.

Security by design

MicroFrontends‘ access to resource is regulated using strict 3-legged authentication, which implements the OAuth2 protocol.

This way, data can be transferred between MicroFrontends and hosting platform, without ever exchanging user credentials. The communication with the CDN is stateless and TLS-encrypted, which means that no user or session-related information needs to be stored.

This provides security and privacy both at rest, and in transit.


Open Source SDK

Download and start creating your own MicroFrontends.


API documentation

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