Case Studies

energenious’ products already proved their effectiveness in projects worldwide. Test users validated the solutions and provide energenious feedback for continuously improving its service and your energy systems.

Stadtwerk Haßfurt: Microgrid design project

Optimized design and operation of a grid-connected energy cell with PV systems and battery storage while providing grid services.

Municipal utility – Stadtwerk Haßfurt

  • District town in Bavaria, 15,000 inhabitants
  • Planning of a microgrid with PV + 2MW battery
  • Evaluation different tech + network services
  • Optimization of design and operation


Main results

  • Expansion of renewable + storage technologies
  • Total costs decrease (CapEx +, OpEx -)
  • LCoE reduced by up to 18%
  • Provision of network services can be worthwhile


Energiecentrum Gotland: Self-sufficient communities

Maximized self-sufficiency and renewable energies with decentralized storage and sector coupling strategies to increase grid stability and reduce COemissions

Energy agency Energiecentrum Gotland

  • Largest island in Sweden, 60,000 inhabitants
  • Unstable energy supply, mainland link out of date
  • Goal: carbon-neutral supply by 2025
  • Strengthen self-sufficiency & energy communities
  • Optimization with sector coupling


Main results

  • Decentralized storage prevents network failures
  • High self-sufficiency rate can be implemented
  • Integration of heat and e-mobility
  • Heat supply with heat pumps
  • Seasonal heat storage is a possible option


Allensbach: Flexible loads

Intelligent agent-based control of flexible loads enables a high proportion of renewable energies and stabilizes grid cells

Community Gemeinde Allensbach

  • At Lake Constance, 7,000 inhabitants
  • Validation of Smart Grid w/o load measurement
  • Technology for controlling flexible end devices
  • Creation of benchmarks for tech evaluation
  • Optimization of reference design and operation


Main results

  • Flexible loads facilitate the integration of renewable energies
  • Sector coupling increases flexibility and efficiency
  • Agent-based decentralized control makes sense
  • Sufficient number of participants required


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As residents of Sweden’s largest island, Gotland, we are fighting extra hard with a reliable energy supply and that it should only be powered by renewable energy sources. Here, the collaboration with energenious plays a major role as they help us with detailed case studies for optimizing energy communities on Gotland.

Magnus Jennerholm

Project Manager, Gotland Energy Center