About energenious

energenious is a developer and provider of software solutions that allow for cost-effective and self-sufficient decentralized energy supply. With our product and service portfolio we support our customers in optimizing size and operations of complex, medium-scale energy systems. We focus on integrated energy (sector coupling), renewable and alternative sources, as well as as industrial load flexibility and demand side management.

Our Team

Christian Wiezorek

Christian Wiezorek

Head of R&D

Daniele   Berardo

Daniele Berardo

Product Manager

Fernanda D'Emery

Fernanda D'Emery

UI/UX Designer

Iffat Nahar

Iffat Nahar

Account Manager

Our Values

We believe that decentralized energy production with renewable energy sources is the key to a clean, reliable, and sustainable energy supply. For us, combining economy, ecology and technological progress is part of the success in the development of competitive decentralized solutions. As experts in energy networks and optimization strategies, we help our customers to select the most suitable design and operation patterns for decentralized supply systems and energy-intensive industrial loads.


Our Claim

Energie ist dezentral.

Our Mission

We accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable, efficient, and integrated energy future.

Our Vision

Global energy distribution planned with resource-flexibility and climate-responsibility in mind.