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Self-sufficient energy supply

The self-sufficient building: With electricity from renewables (solar), you can curb-down the fossil fuel consumption of your home, apartment- or office building, reduce operational costs, and significantly improve your CO2 footprint.

To achieve the energy sufficient building, you need an optimized mix of innovative technologies, including PV units, heat pumps, batteries, and smart Demand Side Management.

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Industrial flexibility

Smart Demand Side Management for industry: Use the inherent flexibility potential of your assets to cut load peaks and to profit from flexible tariffs.

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Islands and remote areas

Sustainable Energy for Energy Islands: Renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydro) hold a great potential for communities in remote areas and other places not connected to the electricity grid. Instead of diesel generators, solar panels and wind turbines can create cheap, clean and sustainable electricity.

To provide sustainable energy for Energy Islands, an optimized mix of innovative technologies and smart Demand Side Management is needed.

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