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We believe that de-centralized energy production with renewable energy sources is the key to a clean, reliable, and sustainable energy supply. For us, combining economy, ecology and technological progress is part of the success in the development of competitive decentralized solutions. As experts in energy networks and optimization strategies, we help our customers to select the most suitable design and operation patterns for decentralized supply systems and energy-intensive industrial loads.

Meet the team

Christian Wiezorek

Head of R&D

Christian is responsible for the development of the modeling and optimization software of energenious. He also takes responsibility for the commercial controlling. Christian has a background in natural sciences. Due to his many years as an independent master carpenter he has a sound business and commercial experience. As a research associate at the SENSE department of the Technical University of Berlin, he is responsible for the implementation of European projects on smart grids, integration of renewable energies, sector coupling and decentralization.

Daniele Berardo

Product Manager

Daniele is responsible for the agile software development at energenious. He has a M.Eng. in electrical engineering at the Technical University Berlin and many years of practical experience as a freelance IT developer. In his previous work Daniele has been deeply involved in the topics of automation and optimization of smart grids at research institutions such as Fraunhofer ISE, DFKI and DAI Laboratory. Through his experience and expertise in the electrical and ICT sector, he creates the necessary interfaces for the digitization of energy.

Rohit Kumar Gnanasekar

Marketing Technology

Rohit is responsible for marketing technology at energenious. He has a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA & Eng. in Interdisciplinary Management. Through his work as a market analyst with other tech startups, Rohit can draw on a wealth of experience. In addition, he has many years of experience as a project manager and development engineer in India and Europe, i.a. in the startup area. With his analytical skills and strategic mindset, he enables the implementation of both short and long term structured actions.

Fernanda D´Emery

Frontend Developer

Fernanda is responsible for front-end software development at energenious. In her role, she also supports recruiting and onboarding processes. With a B.Sc in business administration and a M.Sc in environmental management, Fernanda dedicated many years of her career to researching sustainable management models and best practices. Furthermore, she has implemented several open source web development projects, with main expertise in the JavaScript stack. With her affinity for sustainable solutions and her software development expertise, she strengthens the product development team at energenious.

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