Plan and optimize sector-coupled energy & investment in one step

Align your energy, financial and climate goals

Increase renewable penetration and energy self-sufficiency index

Save time, money, and resources

Experience powerful data analytics and visualizations for energy system design & operation

Ingenious plug-and-play decision-making support


One energy system for multiple sectors: electricity, hydro, gas, and renewables


No more inefficient trade-offs between performance and sustainability


All-in-one platform for optimal planning and management of your microgrids


You can expect

Energy Planning & Optimization

MicrogridCreator is powerful planning and optimization engine to integrate energy sectors and optimize them for a sound technical mix, that fits financial and climate goals.

Test for suitable control strategies, and best operation & maintenance schedules during project planning phase.

    • CAPEX and OPEX: 30%
    • LCoE: 10 – 50%
    • CO2 emissions: 85%
    • renewable penetration: 90%
    • self-sufficiency index: 75%
    • faster investment return

    Mini UIs for System Operation

    MicroFrontends are modular mini-applications that can be easily integrated into 3rd party web-applications and platforms.

    Those mini-apps can communicate with one another through an API, to create complex applications. The API is curated and distributed by energenious as an open-source project, in collaboration with its technology partner Tecnojest srl.


    Key information

    Product options
    • Ad-hoc development of standalone mini-applications
    • Marketplace distribution model
    • Support for UI integrations
    Targeted groups
    • Energy/Facility managers
    • Operation & Maintenance
    • e-management
    • IoT

    Featured Case Studies

    For a better understanding of what our MicrogridCreator is capable of, take a look at some of the international projects it was used in to calculate the optimal energy mix.

    Factory self-supply - Costa Rica

    LCoE reduction up to 10 %, leading to a forecasted ROI of 70 % over a project lifetime of 25 years.

    EOff-Grid System - Sierra Leone

    LCoE and CO2 reduction of 48 % & 84 % respectively.
    Increased renewable share from 0 to 91 %.

    Integrated energy building - Berlin

    LCoE reduction: electricity 37%, heating 55%, cooling 29%. Self-sufficiency level: 70%. The study shows high savings potential for the building, making investment attractive.


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