One energy system for multiple sectors: electricity, hydro, gas, and renewables


No more inefficient trade-offs between performance and sustainability


All-in-one platform for optimal planning and management of your microgrids

Energy Planning & Optimization


MicrogridCreator is a powerful planning and optimization engine to integrate energy sectors and optimize them for a sound technical mix that fits financial and climate goals.

Test for suitable control strategies, and best operation & maintenance schedules during project planning phase.


  • 30% lower CAPEX and OPEX

  • 10 – 50% lower LCoE

  • 85% reduced CO2 emissions


  • 75% higher self-sufficiency index
  • 90% more renewable penetration
  • faster investment return

Mini UIs for System Operation


energenious’ widget driven design (WDD) are small software modules that are used to perform domain specific analytics, using field data from IOT devices.

This product line is dedicated to IOT partners, where the solutions will be integrated into third party applications and platforms.

Product options

  • Partner marketplace
  • (M2M integration)
  • Standalone applications

Targeted groups

  • Energy / Facility managers
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • e-management
  • IoT

Success Stories

For a better understanding of what MicrogridCreator is capable of, take a look at some of the international projects it was used in to calculate the optimal energy mix.

Stadtwerk Haßfurt: Microgrid design project
  • Expansion of renewable + storage technologies
  • Total costs decrease (CapEx +, OpEx -)
  • LCoE reduced by up to 18%
  • Provision of network services can be worthwhile
Energiecentrum Gotland: self-sufficient communities
  • Decentralized storage prevents network failures
  • High self-sufficiency rate can be implemented
  • Integration of heat and e-mobility
  • Heat supply with heat pumps
  • Seasonal heat storage is a possible option
Community Gemeinde Allensbach: Flexible loads
  • Flexible loads facilitate the integration of renewable energies
  • Sector coupling increases flexibility and efficiency
  • Agent-based decentralized control makes sense
  • Sufficient number of participants required


It is important to optimize the systems in the best way to get a sustainable self-sufficient energy system. In addition to energenious having a very solid knowledge in simulation and optimization, they also have a broad knowledge of smart solutions in renewable energy systems.

Magnus Jennerholm

Project Manager, Gotland Energy Center

energenious MicrogridCreator is a very helpful tool to optimally advise municipal utilities and operators of decentralized energy infrastructure on efficient energy solutions based on fewer data and assumptions. Four us, the cross-sectoral approach of the SaaS solution is a convincing added value when optimizing decentralized systems.

Marvin Albrecht

CTO , Es-geht!-Energiesysteme GmbH

As an innovative SME, we are constantly looking for strong digital partners. With energenious we found a team of trusted developers, providing great value to our products through their proven knowledge in the energy and software domain.

Ilaria di Panfilo

Marketing Manager, Tecnojest srl